WooCommerce Plugin

Learn how to integrate the Maesh plugin into your WooCommerce store to start accepting bank app payments. No setup fees, no monthly fees. Start accepting PayNow payments in minutes with Maesh.

1. Prerequisites

  • Running WooCommerce Store
  • Access to the Admin Panel of the Wordpress site running your WooCommerce Store
  • A valid UEN tied to your business that is registered with PayNow corporate

2. Installing the Plugin

  1. Download the Maesh WooCommerce plugin here .
  2. Login to your Wordpress dashboard.
  3. Navigate to your plugins page and click add new.
  4. Upload the Maesh WooCommerce plugin to your site. No need to unzip - Wordpress can handle the plugin in the same format as you've downloaded it.

3. Configuring the Plugin

  1. Create a maesh.io account. You can sign up for it here . Or if you already have an account, you can log in here
  2. Generate a refresh token in the settings tab of the Maesh dashboard.
  3. Back on your Wordpress admin, navigate to the settings page under the WooCommerce tab in your Wordpress dashboard.
  4. Navigate to the Maesh plugin within your payments tab in the WooCommerce settings.
  5. Enable the plugin and paste the refresh token generated by the Maesh dashboard into the refresh token field.

    Mobile payments are enabled by default, but paying with Maesh on mobile requires users to upload their QR codes manually to their banks app. We are working with banks to automatically redirect to the customer's bank apps. Toggling this hides the Maesh payment option for mobile devices.

  6. You're all set! If you encounter any problems, contact us at hello@maesh.io

4. Notes

  • Feel free to message us at hello@maesh.io for any questions, concerns or suggestions - we're always looking for ways to serve you better!
  • For transactions valued greater than S$1000, customers must add Maesh as a payee for the transaction to succeed. You may disable this option in the Maesh settings page under the WooCommerce payments tab.
  • If you have any firewall modules installed on your shop, please ensure that the Maesh plugin has been given the necessary permissions to communicate with our servers. If you are unsure how to proceed, please reach out to us at hello@maesh.io .